Smart Classrooms

All classrooms at PCE have facilities for projectors and wifi for use of the faculty. There are also 10 classrooms equipped with smart boards.


PCE has over 52 state of the art teaching laboratories fully equipped for enhanced teaching and learning experience for its students.

Seminar Halls

PCE has 3 Air-conditioned seminar halls with 100+ seating capacity each, are available in the campus. They are well equipped with audio and visual systems. Events such as small meetings and intra department level seminars/symposia, etc are organized here.

Auditorium Hall

The auditorium is fully media equipped with LCD Projector and HD Sound System. It has a capacity of 300+ viewer seats.

Research Centers

PCE has multiple centers of excellence in different fields. The Urban Expansion Observatory is a center of excellence in GIS and remote sensing, a Maker studio where students can build and develop their own projects and inventions, a drone lab where students and faculty can build their own drones as well as a center to carry out consulting projects for various industries and a Center for Research for ME and PhD students to pursue their projects. For more information see Research Facilities

Pillai Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

PCIE is a entrepreneurship and co working area for students who are starting their own companies. This center hosts guest speakers, conducts workshops who come and speak about all aspects of entrepreneurship.

E-Learning Studio

The E-Learning studio or the light board studio is a facility where PCE faculty can create E-learning content for our student and the general community. The studio has facilities to create content on a light board where the instructor faces the audience directly. It also has state of the art recording software and hardware to create quality online e-learning content.

Language Lab

PCE has a fully fledged language lab available with the latest language tools that students can use to improve their english speaking and writing skills and learn a new languages.