Resource Management and Infrastructure Policy

Pillai College of Engineering (PCE) has established transparent and robust procedures for the utilization and maintenance of all physical, academic and support facilities and is well communicated among all the concerned stakeholders. The detailed procedures and related policies are as follows:

  • Policy Statement:
    PCE has numerous resources that are utilised for the benefit of faculty, students and staff. The institute policy calls for the efficient and maximum utilisation of all its resources. Resource incharges are responsible to ensure that:
    a) Resources are ready and made available whenever required.
    b) Resources are repaired, calibrated, maintained and upgraded at optimal levels.
    c) Resource utilisation is tracked and records maintained.
    d) The availability of the resource is made known to PCE and campus community.
    e) Notify the Principal or HOD in case a resource is under utilised or not utilised.
    Below is a non-comprehensive list of all the major resources of the institute.
    Resource TypeName of ResourceResource InchargeRecord Document
    RoomsClassroomsHead of the DepartmentTimetable
    (UG, PG, PhD)
    Lab in ChargeTimetable,
    Dead stock register
    Seminar HallsStaff in chargeSchedule
    AuditoriumStaff in chargeSchedule
    Staff RoomsHead of the DepartmentStaff allotment
    of desk space
    Research and Innovation CentersUXOSupervisorDead stock register
    Maker StudioLab in ChargeDead stock register,
    Accession Register
    Drone LabLab in ChargeDead stock register
    Automatic Weather StationAWS CoordinatorAWS MOU
    Component LibraryLibrary CoordinatorDead stock register,
    Issue register
    Pillai Center of Innovation
    and Entrepreneurship
    Center ManagerAccession register
    LibraryInfrastructure, books,
    e-resources, IT facilities
    LibrarianKOHA, Accession register
    IT ResourcesComputers and
    Networking Resources
    IT HeadDead stock register
    Portable projectors, laptops
    and other equipment
    Head of the Department or IT headDead stock register,
    Issue Register
    Wi-FiIT HeadIssue Register
    SportsSports ground, gymkhana,
    synthetic court, shooting range, etc.
    Sports DirectorSports equipment stock register, Sports Schedule
  • Utilization of Resources:
    a) Availability of resources is verified with the concerned In-Charge.
    b) Permission for the utilization is taken from the respective authorities.
    c) It is communicated in writing to the In-Charge so as to make the resource available.
    d) It becomes the duty of the person who has generated the query to take care of the belongings.
  • Procedures for Repairs and Maintenance of Resources:
    a) Every In-Charge regularly checks the resource available in their custody and verifies its working condition.
    b) Accordingly a report of non-working material is communicated to the HOD.
    c) HOD compiles all the complaints and segregates them in urgent and annual maintenance categories.
    d) The follow up of the urgent maintenance equipment or resources is taken immediately after the approval of the principal.
    e) The annual maintenance resources are forwarded at the end of every academic year after thorough inspection of the equipment.
    f) Also, depending upon the cost of equipment and its maintenance requirement the quotations are invited and the detailed procedure is followed through the purchase committee, if this cost exceeds more than Rs. 10,000/-.
    g) After the maintenance of a particular resource it is informed and a satisfactory remark is taken from the concerned In-Charge. After getting the remark from all the concerned the authority approves the bill for payment and accordingly payment is released.