Revised Syllabus: F.E. | S.E. to B.E.

B.E. in Computer Engineering

First Year
Semester ISemester II
FEC101 - Applied Mathematics - IFEC201 - Applied Mathematics - II
FEC102 - Applied Physics - IFEC202 - Applied Physics - II
FEC103 - Applied Chemistry - IFEC203 - Applied Chemistry - II
FEC104 - Engineering MechanicsFEC204 - Communication Skills
FEC105 - Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engg.FEC205 - Engineering Drawing
FEC106 - Environmental StudiesFEC206 - Structured Programming Approach
FEL101 - Basic Workshop Practice - IFEL201 - Basic Workshop and Practice - II
Second Year
Semester IIISemester IV
CSC301 - Applied Mathematics - IIICSC401 - Applied Mathematics - IV
CSC302 - Digital Logic Design and AnalysisCSC402 - Analysis of Algorithms
CSC303 - Discrete MathematicsCSC403 - Computer Organization and Architecture
CSC304 - Electronic Circuits and Communication FundamentalsCSC404 - Computer Graphics
CSC305 - Data StructureCSC405 - Operating System
CSL301 - Digital System LabCSL401 - Analysis of Algorithms Lab
CSL302 - Basic Electronics LabCSL402 - Computer Graphics Lab
CSL303 - Data structure LabCSL403 - Processor Architecture Lab
CSL304 - OOPM (Java) LabCSL404 - Operating System Lab
CSL405 - Open Source Tech Lab
Third Year
Semester VSemester VI
CSC501 - MicroprocessorCSC601 - Software Engineering
CSC502 - Database Management SystemCSC602 - System Programming and Compiler Construction
CSC503 - Computer NetworkCSC603 - Data Warehousing & Mining
CSC504 - Theory of Computer ScienceCSC604 - Cryptography & System Security
Department Level Optional Course - IDepartment Level Optional Course - II
CSDLO5011: Multimedia System
CSDLO5012: Advance Operating System
CSDLO5013: Advance Algorithm
CSDLO6021 : Machine Learning
CSDLO6022 : Advance Database System
CSDLO6023: Enterprise Resource Planning
CSDLO6024: Advance Computer Network
CSL501 - Microprocessor LabCSL601 - Software Engineering Lab
CSL502 - Computer Network LabCSL602 - System Software Lab
CSL503 - Database & Info. System LabCSL603 - Data Warehousing & Mining Lab
CSL504 - Web Design LabCSL604 - System Security Lab
CSL505 - Business Comm. & EthicsCSL605 - Mini-Project
Final Year
Semester VIISemester VIII
CSC701 - Digital Signal and Image ProcessingCSC801 - Human Machine Interaction
CSC702 - AI and Soft ComputingCSC802 - Distributed Computing
CSC703 - Mobile Communication and Computing
Department Level Optional Course - IIIDepartment Level Optional Course - IV
CSDLO7031: Advance System Security & Digital Forensics
CSDLO7032: Big Data & Analytics
CSDLO7033: Robotics
DLO8011: High Performance Computing
DLO8012: Natural Language Processing
DLO8013: Adhoc Wireless Network
Institute Level Optional Course - IInstitute Level Optional Course - II
ILO7011: Product Lifecycle Management
ILO7012: Reliability Engineering
ILO7013: Management Information System
ILO7014: Design of Experiments
ILO7015: Operation Research
ILO7016: Cyber Security and Laws
ILO7017: Disaster Management & Mitigation Measures
ILO7018: Energy Audit and Management
ILO7019: Development Engineering
ILO8021: Project Management
ILO8022: Finance Management
ILO8023: Entrepreneurship Development and Management
ILO8024: Human Resource Management
ILO8025: Professional Ethics and CSR
ILO8026: Research Methodology
ILO8027: IPR and Patenting
ILO8028: Digital Business Management
ILO8029: Environmental Management
CSL701 - Digital Signal & Image Processing LabCSL801 - Human Machine Interaction Lab
CSL702 - Mobile App. Development Tech. LabCSL802 - Distributed Computing Lab
CSL703 - AI & Soft Computing LabCSL803 - Cloud Computing Lab
CSL704 - Computational Lab - ICSL804 - Computational Lab - II
CSL705 - Major Project - ICSL805 - Major Project - II

Revised Syllabus