Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Syllabus

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Curriculum

First Year
Semester ISemester II
FEC101 - Applied Mathematics - IFEC201 - Applied Mathematics - II
FEC102 - Applied Physics - IFEC202 - Applied Physics - II
FEC103 - Applied Chemistry - IFEC203 - Applied Chemistry - II
FEC104 - Engineering MechanicsFEC204 - Engineering Graphics
FEC105 - Basic Electrical EngineeringFEC205 - C programming
FEL101 - Engineering Physics-IFEC206 - Professional Communication and Ethics- I
FEL102 - Engineering Chemistry-IFEL201 - Engineering Physics-II
FEL103 - Engineering MechanicsFEL202 - Engineering Chemistry-II
FEL104 - Basic Electrical EngineeringFEL203 - Engineering Graphics
FEL105 - Basic Workshop practice-IFEL204 - C programming
FEL205 - Professional Communication and Ethics- I
FEL206 - Basic Workshop practice-II
Second Year
Semester IIISemester IV
ECC301 - Engineering Mathematics IIIECC401 - Engineering Mathematics IV
ECC302 - Electronic Devices & CircuitsECC402 - Microcontrollers
ECC303 - Digital System DesignECC403 - Linear Integrated Circuits
ECC304 - Network TheoryECC404 - Signals & Systems
ECC305 - Electronic Instrumentation & Control SystemsECC405 - Principles of Communication
ECL301 - Electronic Devices & Circuits LabECL401 - Microcontrollers Lab
ECL302 - Digital System Design LabECL402 - Linear Integrated Circuits Lab
ECL303 - Electronic Instrumentation & Control Systems LabECL403 - Principles of Communication Engineering Lab
ECL304 - Skill Lab: C++ and Java ProgrammingECL404 - Skill Lab: Python Programming
ECM301 - Mini Project 1AECM401 - Mini Project 1B
Third Year
Semester VSemester VI
ECC501 Digital CommunicationECC601 Electromagnetics and Antenna
ECC502 Discrete Time Signal ProcessingECC602 Computer Communication Networks
ECC503 Digital VLSIECC603 Image Processing and Machine Vision
ECC504 Random Signal AnalysisECC604 Artificial Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic
ECCDLO501X Department Optional Course-1
ECCDLO5011 Digital and IPTV Engineering
ECCDLO5012 Data Compression and Cryptography
ECCDLO5013 IT Infra and Security
ECCDLO5014 Data Structures and Algorithm
ECCDLO5015 Sensor Technology
ECCDLO601X Department Level Optional Course-2
ECCDLO6011 Mixed Signal VLSI
ECCDLO6012 Computer Organization and Architecture
ECCDLO6013 Digital Forensic
ECCDLO6014 Database Management System
ECCDLO6015 IoT and Industry 4.0
ECCDLO6016 Radar Engineering
ECL501 Digital Communication LabECL601 Electromagnetics and Antenna Lab
ECL502 Discrete Time Signal Processing LabECL602 Computer Communication Networks Lab
ECL503 Digital VLSI LabECL603 Image Processing and Machine Vision Lab
ECL504 Professional
Communication & Ethics- II
ECL604 Skill Lab: Linux and Networking and Server Configuration
Final Year
Semester VIISemester VIII
ECC701-Microwave EngineeringECC801-RF Design
ECC702-Mobile Communication SystemECC802-Wireless Networks
ECC703-Optical CommunicationECCDLO804X-Department Level Optional Course IV
ECCDLO8041-Optical Networks
ECCDLO8042-Advanced Digital Signal Processing
ECCDLO8043-Satellite Communication Management
ECCDLO8044-Network management in Telecommunication
ECCDLO703X-Department Level Optional Course III
ECCDLO7031-Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic
ECCDLO7032-Big Data Analytics
ECCDLO7033-Internet Communication Engineering
ECCDLO7034-CMOS Mixed Signal VLSI
ECCDLO7035-Embedded System
ILO802X-Institute Level Optional Course II
ILO8021-Project Management
ILO8022-Finance Management
ILO8023-Entrepreneurship Development and Management
ILO8024-Human Resource Management
ILO8025-Professional Ethics and CSR
ILO8026-Research Methodology
ILO8027-IPR and Patenting
ILO8028-Digital Business Management
ILO8029-Environmental Management
ILO701X-Institute Level Optional Course I
ILO7011 Product Lifecycle Management
ILO7012 Reliability Engineering
ILO7013 Management Information System
ILO7014 Design of Experiments
ILO7015 Operation Research
ILO7016 Cyber Security and Laws
ILO7017 Disaster Management & Mitigation Measures
ILO7018 Energy Audit and Management
ILO7019 Development Engineering
ECL801-RF Design Lab
ECL701-Microwave Engineering LabECL802-Wireless Networks Lab
ECL702-Mobile Communication System LabECLDLO804X-Department Level Optional Lab IV
ECL703-Optical Communication Lab
ECLDLO703X-Department Level Optional Lab III