Electronics & Computer Science Syllabus

Electronics and Computer Science Curriculum

First Year
Semester ISemester II
FEC101 - Applied Mathematics - IFEC201 - Applied Mathematics - II
FEC102 - Applied Physics - IFEC202 - Applied Physics - II
FEC103 - Applied Chemistry - IFEC203 - Applied Chemistry - II
FEC104 - Engineering MechanicsFEC204 - Engineering Graphics
FEC105 - Basic Electrical EngineeringFEC205 - C programming
FEL101 - Engineering Physics-IFEC206 - Professional Communication and Ethics- I
FEL102 - Engineering Chemistry-IFEL201 - Engineering Physics-II
FEL103 - Engineering MechanicsFEL202 - Engineering Chemistry-II
FEL104 - Basic Electrical EngineeringFEL203 - Engineering Graphics
FEL105 - Basic Workshop practice-IFEL204 - C programming
FEL205 - Professional Communication and Ethics- I
FEL206 - Basic Workshop practice-II
Second Year
Semester IIISemester IV
ECC 301 Engineering Mathematics - IIIECC 401 Engineering Mathematics - IV
ECC 302 Electronic DevicesECC 402 Electronic Circuits
ECC 303 Digital ElectronicsECC 403 Controls and Instrumentation
ECC 304 Data Structures and AlgorithmsECC 404 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
ECC 305 Database Management SystemsECC 405 Discrete Structures and Automata Theory
ECL301 Electronic Devices LabECL 401 Electronic Circuits Lab
ECL302 Digital Electronics LabECL 402 Controls and Instrumentation Lab
ECL303 Data Structures and Algorithms LabECL 403 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab
ECL304 Database Management Systems labECL 404 Skill-base Lab: Python programming
ECL305 Skill-base Lab - OOPM: (C++ and Java)ECM 401 Mini-project -1 B
ECM301 Mini-project -1 A
Third Year
Semester VSemester VI
ECC 501 Communication EngineeringECC 601 Embedded Systems and RTOS
ECC 502 Computer Organization and ArchitectureECC 602 Artificial Intelligence
ECC 503 Software EngineeringECC 603 Computer Networks
ECC 504 Web TechnologiesECC 604 Data Warehousing and Mining
ECC DO501 Department Optional (Course - I)
1. Software Testing and Quality Assurance
2. ASIC Verification
3. Information Theory and Coding
4. Sensors and Applications
ECC DO601 Department Level Optional Course -II
1. Machine Learning
2. Industrial Automation
3. Digital Signal Processing
4. Electronic Product Design
ECL501 Communication Engineering LabECL 601 Embedded Systems Lab
ECL502 Software Engineering and Web Technologies LabECL602 Artificial Intelligence and Computer Networks Lab
ECL503 Department Optional (Course - I) LabECL603 Data Warehousing and Mining Lab
ECL504 Business Communication and EthicsECL 604 Skill base Lab:(DLO-II) Lab
ECM501 Mini project - 2AECM601 Mini Project 2B