M.E. in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering)

First Year
Semester ISemester II
TEC101 - Advanced Heat TransferTEC201 - Modelling and Analysis in Thermal Engineering
TEC102 - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System DesignTEC202 - Computational Fluid Dynamics
TEC103 - Numerical Methods and Computational TechniquesTEC203 - Heat Exchanger Design and Performance
TEDLO101X - Department Level Optional Course - ITEDLO202X - Department Level Optional Course - II
TEDLO1011 - Utilization of Solar Energy
TEDLO1012 - Cogeneration and Waste Heat Recovery Systems
TEDLO1013 - Alternative Fuels
TEDLO1014 - Steam and Gas Turbines
TEDLO2021 - Cryogenics
TEDLO2022 - Internal Combustion Engine Design
TEDLO2023 - Advanced Turbo Machinery
TEDLO2024 - Non-Conventional Power Plants
ILO101X - Institute Level Optional Course - IILO202X - Institute Level Optional Course - II
ILO1011 - Product Lifecycle Management
ILO1012 - Reliability Engineering
ILO1013 - Management Information System
ILO1014 - Design of Experiments
ILO1015 - Operation Research
ILO1016 - Cyber Security and Laws
ILO1017 - Disaster Management and Mitigation Measures
ILO1018 - Energy Audit and Management
ILO2021 - Project Management
ILO2022 - Finance Management
ILO2023 - Entrepreneurship Development and Management
ILO2024 - Human Resource Management
ILO2025 - Professional Ethics and CSR
ILO2026 - Research Methodology
ILO2027 - IPR and Patenting
ILO2028 - Digital Business Management
ILO2029 - Environmental Management
TEL101 - Laboratory I - Simulation of Thermal SystemsTEL201 - Laboratory - III - CFD Lab
TEL102 - Laboratory II - Renewable Energy LabTEL202 - Laboratory IV - Measurement & Virtual Instrumentation Lab
Second Year
Semester IIISemester IV
TES301 - Seminar on Thrust AreaPre-Synopsis Dissertation Seminar
TED301 - Dissertation SeminarTED401 - Dissertation and Viva Voce