M.E. in Mechanical Engineering (Thermal Engineering)

Affiliated toDurationAcademic YearIntakeExam StructureCurriculum
University of Mumbai 2 years, Full Time 2 semesters each18Theory, Practical, Oral, Term WorkSem I - IV

Research Areas

The Faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering are experts in numerous disciplines and are involved in following research areas:

  • Advanced heat transfer
  • Renewable Energy
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

Undergraduate Labs

  • Thermal Engineering Lab (Steam Power Plant)
  • CNC Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Refrigeration and Airconditioning
  • Heat and Mass Transfer
  • Computer Lab
  • Strength of Materials
  • Theory of Machinery
  • Machine Shop
  • Workshop
  • Mechatronics
  • Machining Station

Graduate Labs

Smart Materials Lab
The Smart Materials Lab devises fundamental and applied research in the field of new materials development. The lab focuses on development of ferrofluids, silicone based composite structures, 3D printing materials among many other topics.


  • To develop a world class programme with excellence in teaching, learning and research that would lead to growth, innovation and recognition.


  • The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Program is to benefit the society at large by providing technical education to interested and capable students. These technocrats should be able to apply basic and contemporary science, engineering and research skills to identify problems in the industry and academia and be able to develop practical solutions to them.

M.E. Thesis List in Thermal Engineering

Thesis TitleDomain
Experimental Analysis and CFD Simulation of Wire Mesh Heat Sink by Forced ConvectionCFD
Air Flow Pattern Simulation of Low Temperature Drying CabinetRefrigeration
Investigation on Possibilities of Cooling Effect from Oxygen Lines in a Municipal HospitalAir Conditioning
Experimental Investigation of V Type Solar Still Coupled with Solar Water HeaterSolar
Experimental Study of Condensation of Steam in Helically Coiled TubesRefrigeration
CFD Analysis of Condensation Heat Transfer in Helical CoilCFD
Performance Evaluation of Helical Coil in Condensation Heat TransferHeat Transfer
Pressure Drop, Heat Transfer and Critical Heat Flux in Straight Horizontal TubeHeat Transfer
CFD Analysis of Condensation Heat Transfer in Helical Coil Heat ExchangerCFD
Development of Numerical Model of Natural Convection Heat Transfer for Wire Mesh Vertical FinHeat Transfer
Investigations on Receiver of Parabolic Trough CollectorSolar
Thesis TitleDomain
Experimental Analysis of Exchanger Fin Tubes to Increase Furnace PerformanceHeat Transfer
Experimentation and Testing for Development of Freeze Desalination ProcessThermal Engg.
Performance of Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe : A Numerical AnalysisHeat Transfer
Waste Heat Recovery from Domestic RefrigeratorHeat Transfer
Design and Analysis of Wankel EngineThermal Engg.
Thesis TitleDomain
Prediction of Field Flow and Temperature Profile in Calandria VesselCFD
Experimental Studies on Heat Transfer to Newtonian Fluids in Spiral Coiled Tubes with Laminar FlowHeat Transfer
Enhancement of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger using Reduced Width Twisted Tape InsertionHeat Transfer
Thermal Analysis of Solar Air Heater using CFDCFD
Experimental Study of the Valve Losses in Two Stage Reciprocating Air CompressorThermal Engg.
Experimental Analysis and CFD Simulation of Wire Mesh Heat Sink by Natural ConvectionCFD
Experimental Study of Condensation Heat Transfer in Helical CoilHeat Transfer
Degraded PHWR Core Radiation Heat Transfer Model DevelopmentHeat Transfer
Experimentation on Heat Pipe and CFD Analysis for Performance EnhancementCFD
Thesis TitleDomain
CFD Analysis of Natural Convection Heat Transfer using V Fin ArrayCFD
Solar DesalinationSolar
Thermal Analysis of Earth Air Heat ExchangerThermal Engg.
CFD Modelling of Finned Tube Gas Cooler for Transcritical Operation of CO2 SystemsCFD
Thesis TitleDomain
Design Fabrication and Performance Analysis of Conical Helical Heat Exchanger for Waste Heat RecoveryHeat Transfer
Design and Development of Software for Heat ExchangerHeat Transfer
Radiation Heat Transfer Analysis, Model Development & Benchmarking in Nuclear Power PlantHeat Transfer
Experimental Study on Effect of Area and Turbulence on Heat Transfer in Forced Convection Through Circular Pipe by using Internal ThreadingHeat Transfer
Harvesting of Water from Air using Helical CoilHeat Transfer