Instruction: Details of approved guides and number of students enrolled for Ph.D. has to be updated in Computer. Following are the details of new guide and students.

Dr. Prashant
Cognitive Computing, Usability Engineering, Data Science, Data Mining, Business Intelligence, Intelligent system, Software Engineering

Student Details

Name of the Research ScholarName of the Research GuideDomain of Research
Abhishek A. VichareDr. Satishkumar VarmaData Mining
Seema Sandeep RedekarDr. Satishkumar VarmaData Analytics (Network Analysis)
Stephy JohnsonDr. Satishkumar VarmaMedical Image Processing
Mimi Mariam CherianDr. Satishkumar VarmaNetwork
Neha RaneDr. Sharvari GovilkarNatural Language Processing
Sagar KulkarniDr. Sharvari S. GovilkarNatural Language Processing
Dhiraj AminDr. Sharvari S. GovilkarNatural Language Processing
Madhura VyawahareDr. Sharvari S. GovilkarCyber Security
Smita DangeDr. Prashant N.Network