Workshops Conducted by Alumni

23rd - 24th February & 10th March, 2019FLASK: Python Web FrameworkDhiraj Amin353 Days
27th February, 2019Seminar on "Software Engineering and Project Management" for T.E. I.T. students by ShivkumarShivkumar Vishwakarma1 Day
8th March, 2019Womens Day CelebrationApeksha Chavan301 Day
15th and 16th March, 2019Internet of ThingsMimi Cherian2 Days
22nd February, 2019
Internet of ThingsRuchira Patole411 Day
2nd March, 2019Web DevelopmentAkhil Menon1 Day
4th November, 2018Flask Python Web FrameworkDhiraj Amin331 Day
2nd October, 2018Basic Concepts of PythonDhiraj Amin100+1 Day
4th February, 2018Introduction to Mobile Application DevelopmentGaurav T.100+1 Day
10th March, 2018Basic Concepts of DatabaseShubhangi Chavan, Manasi Kulkarni421 Day
8th March, 2018Womens Day CelebrationApeksha Chavan301 Day
13th, 15th, 23rd March, 2018Matlab WorkshopDinesh Tiwari693 Days
2nd and 9th August, 2018LaTeX WorkshopRuchira Patole42+342 Days
4th September, 2018ArduinoAboli Khedkar821 Day
29th September, 2018Web DevelopmentAkhil Menon and Vishnu Nair291 Day
13th October, 2017CST WorkshopIshmeet Singh471 Day
19th August, 2017LaTeX WorkshopShubham Varma1001 Day
27th August, 2016Python WorkshopGaurav Sharma50 Plus1 Day
3rd October, 2015Advanced PHPAju Palleri50 Plus1 Day
26th September, 2015Web DesigningShubham Varma and Vishnu K.140 Plus1 Day
13th September, 2014Android (Triathlon)Ashish Mathew220 Plus1 Day
27th September, 2014Linux (Triathlon)Blessy Varghese, K. S. Charumathi and Sangeetha Selvan160 Plus1 Day
20th - 21st September, 2014PHP-MySQLAju Palleri140 Plus2 Days
2nd August, 2014PythonGaurav Sharma50 Plus1 Day