It is the policy of the Institute to permit its current faculty to pursue higher qualifications on a part time basis from renowned and accredited Universities. However, the following conditions must be complied with

  1. Once approved a faculty member can avail one day a week to dedicate in the pursuit of that higher degree. The teaching load must be adjusted within the remaining days of the week.
  2. The faculty member must spend the allotted day conducting research in their research center.
  3. The faculty must make themselves available for routine administrative tasks such as examinations, inspections etc.
  4. No more than 3 faculty from each department can avail of one day leave at a time as this would affect the smooth functioning of the department.
  5. Faculty member should have received admission into a reputable college or university in Mumbai.


  1. Faculty member must make an application to the Principal with a copy to the HOD.
  2. The Principal and HOD will review the application and check whether the policy guidelines are met.
  3. The Principal will make the final decision and communicate that to the concerned faculty member, HOD and registrar.