Pillai College of Engineering, New Panvel under the banner of Mahatma Education Society successfully organised Mumbai Area Complex Systems Conference 2018 on 19th November, 2018. It was inaugurated by Dr. Sandeep Joshi, Principal, Pillai College of Engineering. This unique conference facilitated to bring together eminent experts, researchers, scientists, professionals and research scholars from prestigious institutions like TIFR, IIT-Bombay, BARC, University of Mumbai, Indian Institute of Geomagnetism and engineering and science colleges in and around Mumbai.

The major efforts to plan and organize this event were from Prof. Punit Parmananda and Prof. Dibyendu Das, both from IIT-B, Dr. Kiran Kolwankar from Jhunjhunwala college and faculty members from Physics Department, Pillai College of Engineering.

Nearly 60 participants enthusiastically registered and attended this conference. Insightful talks and lectures were delivered by eminent speakers from various participating institutes. The highlight was a talk by Padmashree Dr. Mustansir Barma, a well known Indian scientist and former director of TIFR. The topic was Bose Statistics. It was to commemorate Satyendra Nath Bose, a brilliant Indian scientist from last century. His idea, as said by Prof. Barma, changed our perspective towards the world around. Prof. Barma depicted in his talk, the life of S. N. Bose right from his school days, his college education, his research career, the idea of developing quantum statistical mechanics, collaboration and support he received from Einstein, appreciaton he got from world-over for his fundamental contribution to physics and so on. Further, as the next sessions unfold, the audience enjoyed all the talks on complex systems discussing phenomena taking place at various scales ranging from human cells to earth’s atmosphere.

The event also included poster presentations by research scholars showcasing their work related to complex systems. It served as a wonderful platform where experts and professionals came together to share their knowledge. Dr. Vasudevan Pillai, Chairman of Mahatma Education Society and Dr. Priam Pillai , Chief Operating Officer of Mahatma Education Society also graced the occasion by paying a visit to the posters.

The last session consisted of distribution of certificates to the participants. Dr. Priam Pillai said his words about the importance of hosting such conference at Pillai College of Engineering. Dr. Kiran Kolwankar summarised the proceedings of the day long conference and insisted that such events should be organized on regular basis. The event culminated with a vote of thanks by Dr. Arun Pillai, Head of Applied Sciences Mathematics & Humanities Department at Pillai College of Engineering.