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Conference on Technology of Future Cities, 8th – 9th January, 2019
Organized by Pillai College of Engineering, Panvel

Inauguration of CTFC 2019

Release of Abstract Book at CTFC 2019
Dr. S. Ramani : Inaugural Address
Dr. Rakeshkumar : Keynote Address
Dr. P Shrivastava : Sustainable Development through Multi – Modal Integration
Mr. Patric Hall : Data Driven Urbanism - Measuring Urban Expansion
Dr. M. Sasikumar : Behavioral data- Opportunities and Threats
Dr. Priam Pillai, Building High Fidelity Maps for Urban Planning Using Satellite Imagery
Dr. Bernard Menezes, Recent Cyber Security Attacks and their Mitigation
Organizing Committee CTFC 2019

Report of Speakers Talks on January 8-9, 2019