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Indian Journals

PCE Library List of Print Journal 2021-2022
Current Trends in Signal ProcessingE-Commcerce for Future & Trends
Employment NewsJnl. of Advd. Database Magt. & Systems
Jnl. of Artificial Intelligence Res. & AdvancesJnl. of Communication Engineering & Systems
Jnl. of Image Processing & Pattern Recognition ProgressJnl. of Material Science
Jnl. of Semiconductor Devices & CircuitsJnl. of VLSI Design Tools & Technology
Jnl. of Web Engineering & TechnologyJournal of Advancement in Robotics
Open Source for YouProductivity
Recent Trends in Mechanical Engg. & Tech.Recent Trends in Programming Languages
Recent Trends in Sensor Res. & TechnologyTrends in Opto-Electro & Optical Communications
University News

International Journal

PCE Library List of Print Journal 2021-2022
Int’l Jnl of Energy Systems Comp. & ControlInt’l Jnl. of Mfg. Technology & Industrial Engg.
Int’l Jnl. of Distributed & Cloud ComputingInt’l Jnl. of Power Electronics Engineering (Replace)

Indian Journals

PCE Library List of Print Journal 2019-2020 (Back Volume)
Advances in Indian Software Planning and Testing (14353)Indian Journal of Data Mining & Warehouse (10804)
Bulletin of Materials Science (IAS) (68) ISSN No.- 0250-4707Indian Journal of embedded and Microprocessor (9971)
Current Development in Digital Information Technology (14354)Indian Journal of Embedded System in Engineering Research (9554)
Current Trends In Signal Processing (8349) ISSN No.- 2321-4252Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences (108) ISSN No.- 0971-4588
Electronics For You (65)Indian Journal of Fluids Dynamics (9136)
Fluid Power Journal (6738)Indian Journal of Fuzzy Mathematics and Systems (13284)
i-manager s Journal of Educational Technology (7639) ISSN No.- 0973-0559Indian Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (14355)
i-managers Journal on English Language Teaching (JELT) (9410) ISSN No.- 2231-3338Indian Journal of High Speed Networks & Computing Routers (11989)
IEEMA Journal (222)Indian Journal of Image Processing and Technique (9378)
IETE Journal of Research (2776) ISSN No.- 0377-2063Indian Journal of Information Technology and Database Systems (9162)
IETE Technical Review (1849) ISSN No.- 0256-4602Indian Journal of Knowledge Management and Information Technology (10492)
Indian J. Advances in Wireless and Mobile Communications (9743)Indian Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Applied Computing (10848)
Indian J. of Advances in Software Engineering (9744)Indian Journal of Microelectronic & VLSI Design (RI) (12000)
Indian J. of Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing (9105)Indian Journal of Modern Grid Computing (9810)
Indian J. of Business Information Systems (9742)Indian Journal of Modern Production Engineering (9801)
Indian J. of Mechatronics and Applications (8333) ISSN No.- 4421-1034Indian Journal of Modern Techniques in Image Processing (12644)
Indian J. of Mobile Computing (8744) ISSN No.- 4421-1067Indian Journal of Nanotechnology and Applications (9874)
Indian J. of Neural Networks (9921)Indian Journal of Neural Networks and Techniques (9377)
Indian J. of Robotics Applications (8746)Indian Journal of Optimization Techniques (10896)
Indian J. of Speech and Language Processing (9168)Indian Journal of Scientific Research (13885) ISSN No.- 0976-2876
Indian Journal of Advance Multimedia and Image Processing (10826)Indian Journal of Secure Internet and Computer Security (8492)
Indian Journal of Advanced Material Science (8189) ISSN No.- 4421-1063Indian Journal of Simulation and Wireless Communication (8988)
Indian Journal of Advances in Automobile Engineering (9702)Indian Journal of Soft Computing Processing and Technique (9376)
Indian Journal of Advances in Communication Engineering (10844)Indian Journal of Wavelet Theory and Practical (10893)
Indian Journal of Advances in Knowledge Engineering & Computer Science (11981)Indian Journal of Wireless and Mobile Communications (8985)
Indian Journal of Advances in Robotics & Automation (9703)ISST Journal of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (10817) ISSN No.- 0976-7363
Indian Journal of Automation & Robotics (11250)Journal of Applied Mathematics and Fluid Mechanics (160)
Indian Journal of Automobile Engineering (9474)Journal of Experimental & Applied Mechanics (8520) ISSN No.- 2321-516X
Indian Journal of Computational Intelligence in Bioinformatics (9385)Journal of Hybrid Computing Research (352) ISSN No.- 0974-5858
Indian Journal of Computer and Internet Security (11977) (9814)Journal of Microwave Engineering & Technologies (JoMET) (11467)
Indian Journal of Computer Graphics and Techniques (8541)Journal of Open Source Developments (11202) ISSN No.- 2395-6704
Indian Journal of Computing and High Speed Networks (9379)Journal of VLSI Design Tools and Technology (11641) ISSN No.- 2321-6492
Indian Journal of Current Development in Computer Science Engineering (10819)Pramana - Journal of Physics (2773) ISSN No.- 0304-4289
Indian Journal of Current Development in High Performance Computing (10635)Proceedings (Mathematical Sciences) (5726) ISSN No.- 0253-4142
Indian Journal of Current Technique in Computer Graphics (10827)Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering & Technology (TMET)(11932) ISSN No.- 2347-9965
Indian Journal of Cybermetics & Hybrid Computing (13547)The Asian Economic Review (Delay Publication) (1431) ISSN No.- 0004-4555

International Journal

PCE Library List of Print Journal 2019-2020 (Back Volume)
International Journal of Advances in Power Electronics (7486) ISSN No.- 4421-1334International Journal of English and Literature (11601) ISSN No.- 2249-6912
International Journal of Business Administration and Management (10508)International Journal of Machine Tools and Maintenance Engineering (11720)
International Journal of Control Theory and Applications (432) ISSN No.- 0975-5572International Journal of Mechanics and Thermodynamics (153)
International Journal of Distributed and Cloud Computing (12026)International Journal of Microelectronic & VLSI Design (12521)
International Journal of Electronics Devices and Circuits (12488)International Journal of Mobile Communication & Networking (8124)
International Journal of Electronics Signals and Systems (IJESS) (12701)International journal of Power Electronics Engineering (12586)
International Journal of Embedded Software and Open Source Systems (6993) ISSN No.- 2249-0809International Journal of Systems Simulation (339) ISSN No.- 0975-2080
International Journal of Engineering & Applied Mechanics (13285)International Journal of VLSI and Signal Processing Applications (10503)
International Journal of Engineering Research and Industrial Applications (6910)International Journal of Wireless Networks and Communications (13)

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