Book Title: Natural Language Processing
Authors: Dr. Sharvari Govilkar, Sagar Kulkarni, Dhiraj Amin

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is among the most heavily researched area in the computer science field today. By natural language we mean a language that is used for everyday communication by humans; languages like English, Hindi or Marathi. We can use NLP to create systems like speech recognition, document summarization and categorization, machine translation, Sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, question answering, autocomplete, predictive typing and so on. Nowadays, technologies based on NLP are becoming increasingly widespread.

This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of NLP. It can be used for individual study or as a textbook for the course on natural language processing. We have tried to acquaint the readers with the tools, techniques, applications and challenges existing in the area of NLP. We encourages the reader to download Python, NLTK and related libraries and try out the examples and exercises along the way. Some of the matter in this book is the outcome of the hands-on-research experience of authors. The applications covered in this book will be useful for students doing project work and it can be also used as a reference to young researchers involved with NLP.

Book Title: Numerical and Statistical Methods
Authors: Suvarna Haridas Gaikwad

Numerical methods provide the technique to solve ordinary differential equations, integrals, algebraic and transcendental equations. This book will also develop an understanding of the elements of error analysis for numerical methods. The students also get to know about the theory of least squares and statistical averages. They also learn about collecting and analyzing the data that help in decision making. In this book we have divided the subject into small chapters so that the topics can be arranged and understood properly. The topics within the chapters have been arranged in a proper sequence to ensure smooth flow of the subject. It contains so many numerical and statistical methods.

Book Title: Applied Chemistry I
Authors: Dr. Manju Pillai and Dr. Biswajit Panda

This book provides a robust coverage of the topics in a lucid manner. Each chapter provides a clear and sufficient knowledge on every topic as prescribed by Mumbai University. The theory is well explained through illustrations, diagrams and examples. Exercises along with university questions have also been included to help the students to identify the important topics and study them thoroughly.

Book Title: Applied Chemistry II
Authors: Dr. Manju Pillai and Dr. Biswajit Panda

The subject matter is presented in easy to understand, simple language. Special care is given to include all the topics prescribed in the syllabus. To make the matter easy main topics are divided into sub topics and illustrative examples are also given.

Book Title: Cost Reduction through Value Analysis & Value Engineering: A Case Study
Authors: Sojan Velikkakathote

This book provides insight of Value Engineering which is is a function oriented, systematic team approach and study to provide value in a product, system or service. Often, this improvement is focused on cost reduction; however other important areas such as customer perceived quality and performance are also of paramount importance in the value equation. Value engineering techniques can be applied to any product process procedure system or service in any kind of business or economic activity including health care, governance, construction, industry and in the service sector. Value Engineering focuses on those value characteristics which are deemed most important from the customer point of view. Value Engineering is a powerful methodology for solving problems and / or reducing costs while maintaining or improving performance and quality requirements. Value Engineering can achieve impressive savings, much greater than what is possible through conventional cost reduction exercise even when cost reduction is the objective of the task. In this work value analysis implemented to Gearbox housing and expected results will be reduction in weight and cost also saving in energy.

Book Title: Secure E-Commerce System
Authors: Dr. Prashant Lokhande

This book focuses on the building secure e-commerce systems. Detailed literature survey of various methodologies used to build e-commerce systems are discussed, with easy to understand diagrams and models.Book is written using various online resources and research papers available. Simple and easy to understand language for the beginners and students. Mainly this book is written for the students of B.Sc. (IT/Comp), B.E. (Computer Engg. and IT), M.C.A., M.Sc. (I.T. / Computer) and Polytechnic.

Book Title: Wave Theory & Propagation
Authors: Dr. Arti Hadap, Prof. Tusharika Sinha Banerjee, A. V. Bakshi

This book covers the entire scope of the subject and also explains the philosophy of the subject. This makes the understanding of the subject more clear and makes it more interesting. This book is useful not only for the students but also for the subject teachers. The book covers the broadest aspect related to the area of Wave Theory and Propagation. The book deals with the theory that includes derivations nd solved problems. The book starts at basic charge concept moves to the most common terms the charge intensity, related potentials, dipoles, Coulomb’s Laws, Faraday’s Laws, Ampere’s circuital law, image theory, uniqueness theorem, concept of dielectrics and poynting theorem. The simple approach is to be able to link up these neatly and develop Maxwell’s equation, study its interpretations and be able to apply them.

Book Title: Fundamentals of VLSI Design
Authors: Prof. Tusharika Sinha Banerjee, Dr. Arti Hadap

The originality of the thought makes this a landmark book in VLSI. The only time you should utilize is to read it and not waste by looking for materials and simplifying the equations, everything is solved with comparisons, operating principle, working, advantages, disadvantages and complete solved derivations. The book shall help you to contribute to VLSI and to your own lives and careers. A must read for researchers and students of this area. This book is an embodiment of unique topics like VLSI, physics of MOSFET, fabrication and CMOS all stitched together in a simple language, comparisons and illustrations. Reading this book shall free the mind of fallacies ushering true refined knowledge and understanding of the basics of electronics.