Title of ProjectName of InvestigatorsDepartment SanctionedYear of SanctionYear of CompletionAmount Sanctioned (in Lakhs)Sponsoring Agency
Activities of PCE Nature ClubDr. Avinash Vaidya and Dr. Arun PillaiPCE New Panvel2021In process1.0AICTE SPIECES
Modernization of Advanced Communication LabDr. Avinash VaidyaElectronics and Telecommunication Engineering2020In process15.13MODROB Scheme, AICTE
Modernization of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning LabProf. Varunakshi BhojaneComputer Engineering2020In process8.88235MODROB Scheme, AICTE
Unnat Bharat AbhiyanDr. Sushopti GawadePCE New Panvel202020210.5UBA, Government of India
Infrastructure for ISTE Workshops (NME ICT)Dr. S. M. JoshiAll201620175.00IITB and MHRD
Google Apps Infrastructure AgreementDr. Priam PillaiAll2014201513.78Google India Pvt. Ltd.
Aakash Project (NME ICT)Satishkumar L. VarmaInformation Technology201420151.00IITB and MHRD
Modernization of Network LaboratoryMadhumita ChatterjeeComputer Engineering2014201712.50AICTE
Modernization of Advanced Database Laboratory
Satishkumar L. VarmaInformation Technology201420168.00AICTE