PCE actively encourages its students to participate in industrial visits to bonafide companies or industries or places of commercial interest. Students are meant to learn about the different aspects of these industries such as its technical functions, business functions, HR and financial functions. It is preferred that faculty members organize and conduct industrial visits, however in certain circumstances external vendors may be commissioned to organize the industrial visit.

  1. For every 20 students there must be at least 1 faculty member accompanying them.
  2. All industrial visits / picnics / tours must be only conducted by authorized travel vendors approved by the principal in advance.
  3. A plan for the visits that are to be conducted during the year should be given in the beginning of the academic year. If it is not possible a minimum of 3 month’s notice is required before initiating any industrial visits.
  4. Under no circumstances shall any payments be given in cash to any vendors. TDS and appropriate taxes must be charged and deducted for all IVs conducted through the college.
  5. All vendors must provide appropriate insurance coverage for the trip in case of cancellation / delay etc and must indemnify the colleges and MES from all liability.
  6. Feedback about all trips must be collected at the end of the trip and provided to the principal.

Industries visited in Academic Year 2019-19 are:

  1. Doordarshan Sahayadri Kendra, Worli
  2. Royal Aircon Pvt. Ltd. Wada
  3. Blue Star Lts., Wada
  4. AirPro Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
  5. GTPS, Uran
  6. BSNL Satellite Earth Station, Yeur, Thane
  7. IDEMI Ltd., Sion
  8. Viraj Profiles Ltd.
  9. Pushpa Industries
  10. Smartchem Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Taloja
  11. Zeco Aircon
  12. Udit Packaging, Pune
  13. ARAI, Pune
  14. Advantech Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  15. Voltas Ltd. Daman
  16. Deepak Nitrides, Taloja
  17. Blue Star Ltd.