The component library facility developed in Pillai College of Engineering has the same ideology as book library in every college.

The library consists of all the electronic component to possible mechanical instruments, which any admitted student can issue for a specific time period against their college id Card number. This helps students to develop projects without worry of money to buy or find components in market and go far in different cities to buy rare or specific components or wait for order; instead they can issue it from component library now. They don’t even need to pay any depository money while issuing its completed free. The library has every possible component from resistors sensors to actuators to microcontroller / processor.

The list and rule for component library are as given below respectively:

  • The library maintains its inventory data analysis with its library in charge, also 30% self sufficient to survive by dismantling scarp projects available since years here and there and 70% by college funds.

  1. Students are supposed to come with proper specification of components to issue and check the list of components available in the library.
  2. To issue any component, students are requested to come with their College identification card.
  3. Before issuing the component make sure it is working from the librarian in charge. Once items are checked out of the library, students are responsible to return the component in working condition.
  4. While returning, students have to show that the component is still working else the librarian will check the component.
  5. Components not working as per above mentioned term no. (4) will not be accepted by the library and will be fined according to the cost of the component or students may replace the component with a working model at their own expense. The fine for each broken component will be available in the library.
  6. If the component is lost after issuing from the library, the student will be held responsible to bring up working component and return it to the component library or pay the fine as mentioned in term (5) above.
  7. Students can issue the component for maximum period of One month.
  8. If a student requires the issued component for more than one month, the student has to renew the component on or before the return date allotted.
  9. If student doesn’t return or renew the component on the date allotted, the student will be fined with “Rs. 2 Per Day Per Component” until the day they return or renew it.
  10. If one doesn’t pay the fine or replace the damaged component, the student will not be eligible to get no dues clearance, which will hold their degree certificates while passing out the college and will even be banned from using the Maker’s Studio Facilities.
  11. Its student’s responsibility to ask library in-charge for receipt bill if paid any fine or purchased any component from the library.
  12. The components issued from Library “can’t be issued permanently” and be submitted in department, students should buy their own components if so.
  13. Students should not issue or keep any component issued without any purpose, so that students who might be in real need of that component can issue it.
  14. Passed out students and students from other colleges can also access this facility with deposit and rental system.
  15. The students who donates the component are eligible for PCE Component Library Prime Service (CLPS).
  16. The CLPS members have following advantages:
    a) Priority for booking components.
    b) Students donating components worth Rs. 1,000/- per year or more will be benefited to issue components for 4 months.
    c) List of CLPS members will be displayed in the Project Lab.
    d) Priority for 3D printing, Laser cutting and other facilities in Project lab.
  17. Students issuing any components for making their respective projects are kindly requested to submit minimum one page report of the project detailing its aim, material required, working and conclusion by filling the below Google form link or by scanning QR code only: PCE Maker’s Form
  18. Components can only be issued or returned from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Students cannot issue any components other than the mentioned timing.
  19. Library is not permitted to purchase any components from students, rather students can donate their unused components.
  20. HOD’s of respective departments are requested to put proper proposal in case of need of any special component required for course project or PBL keeping in mind that component should be in constant use to other students even after that purpose is fulfilled.
  21. Students who haven’t returned last semester components will strictly have to pay fine according to rule “Rs. 2 Per Day Per Component” and will not be further issued any component unless fine is cleared.