Automobile Engineering Students’ Association (AESA)

Aesa-Mesa referred as the (Automobile / Mechanical Engineering Student Association) is a colligative group formed by students. Its objective is to keep the students updated with the latest trends in technology, research and industry and enable them to reinforce all that has been learnt in theory. The association conducts various workshops, seminars, software training programs and industrial visits to help students gain professionally.

Computer Society of India (CSI)

The Computer Society of India is an association for students pursuing the field of Information Technology. The CSI and PCE have successfully collaborated for many years to guide students on their chosen career paths.

The CSI seeks to facilitate research, knowledge sharing, learning and career enhancement for students of all varieties of IT fields, while simultaneously inspiring and nurturing new students through offering support and integration in the IT community.

Various workshops and seminars introducing students to new technology and professional IT opportunities take place on PCE campus via CSI among other reputed organizations.

Electronics and Telecommunication Students’ Association (ETSA)

PCEs’ own Electronics and Telecommunication Department was established by a branch of the student body to allow students the opportunity to establish skills which are equally competitive with international applicants. ETSA was launched on 6th April, 2013 by Honourable Dr. S. N. Merchant in presence of Principal and Dr. Priam Pillai, COO, MES.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is the inspiration of a global community striving to form a better tomorrow. The IEEE is the trusted voice of engineering, computing and technology information societies around the world who are connected via publications, conferences, professional and educational activities. PCE works directly with IEEE to provide students with a basic level of technical understanding as well as to stimulate a natural curiosity for their profession.

PCE institution is proud to be affiliated with the IEEE so that we may provide students an in depth theoretical knowledge to further develop an intuitive practical approach in the field of technology.

Mechanical Engineering Students’ Association (MESA)

The Mechanical Engineering Student’s Association of PCE plays a vital role in our student’s development into becoming true engineers. Through various extracurricular activities, MESA aims to give its members an awareness and appreciation of Mechanical Engineering and its subsequent relevant fields. The Association seeks to be a platform which promotes student career interests both in mechanical engineering and all relevant fields.