Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers is the inspiration of a global community striving to form a better tomorrow. The IEEE is the trusted voice of engineering, computing and technology information societies around the world who are connected via publications, conferences, professional and educational activities. PCE works directly with IEEE to provide students with a basic level of technical understanding as well as to stimulate a natural curiosity for their profession.

PCE institution is proud to be affiliated with the IEEE so that we may provide students an in depth theoretical knowledge to further develop an intuitive practical approach in the field of technology.

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IEEE Student Council


IEEE Student Council 2020-2021

ChiarpersonMehul JainB.E. ETRX
Vice-ChiarpersonAditya NallaT.E. ETRX
SecretaryKirti ChaurasiaB.E. ETRX
Joint SecretaryAditi SawantT.E. ETRX
TreasurerShivasish SanyalB.E EXTC B
Membership HeadGovind RaoB.E. EXTC B
Joint Membership HeadRiya DivakaranT.E. COMPS B
Publicity HeadHimanshu JoshiB.E. ETRX
Joint Publicity HeadShail JyalaT.E. EXTC A
Technical HeadSaurabh PomanB.E. EXTC B
Joint Technical HeadTejal PokhrnaT.E. ETRX
Event Execution HeadSonali ChavanB.E. ETRX
Joint Event Execution HeadJanhavi WaingankarT.E. ETRX
Graphics HeadSumedh NerlekarB.E. ETRX
WebmasterPrince ZalavadiaB.E. IT B

IEEE Student Council 2019-2020

ChiarpersonAditi GardeB.E. ETRX
Vice-ChiarpersonMehul JainT.E. ETRX
SecretaryAditya GardeT.E. ETRX
Joint SecretaryKirti ChaurasiaT.E. ETRX
TreasurerYash DalviB.E. EXTC
MembershipGautami AminB.E. ETRX
PublicityAyesha Miya
Pranjal Gujrathi
Joint PublicityHimanshu JoshiT.E. ETRX
TechnicalMainak BhattacharjeeB.E. ETRX
Joint TechnicalSumedh Nerlekar
Mahesh Bhise
Event ExecutionRutuja Patil
Amar Ghorpade
Joint Event ExecutionShivashish Sanyal
Govind Rao

IEEE Student Council 2018-2019

ChiarpersonVikas KaseraB.E. EXTC A
Vice-ChiarpersonAditi GardeT.E. ETRX
SecretaryAbdul QadirB.E. EXTC A
Joint SecretaryAditya GardeT.E. ETRX A
TreasurerBhakti PatelB.E. EXTC B
MembershipYash DalviT.E. EXTC A
PublicitySriya MSB.E. EXTC A
Divya ShettyB.E. EXTC B
TechnicalAkshay D.B.E. EXTC A
Event ExecutionPradnya ShindeB.E. EXTC B
Palak ShivalkarB.E. EXTC B
Public Relation OfficerMainak B.T.E. ETRX A

IEEE Events


IEEE Events 2020-21

DateEvents OrganisedSpeakerNo. of Participants
10th October, 2020Call of Duty (IEEE Day Celebration 2020)-80
11th October, 2020No Escape (IEEE Day Celebration 2020)-63
11th October, 2020Quiz Marathon (IEEE Day Celebration 2020)-150
12th September, 2020Roots of AI and MLMr. Rahul Kharat129
9th August, 2020Fun with Bits-Digital Circuit DesignDr. Rajendra H. Khade67
1st August, 2020Fundamentals of PythonProf. Suchitra Patil55
25th July, 2020Demystifying IOTProf. Akhil Menon223

IEEE Events 2019-20

DateEvents OrganisedSpeakerNo. of Participants
10th October, 2019IEEE Day 2019Mr. Abhay Phanshikar60
24th August, 2019RoboticsMr. Akhil Menon30
30th July, 2019ZinzoutMr. Avinchal Sharma45
20th July, 2019Big DataProf. Gaurav Sharma40

IEEE Events 2018-19

DateEvents OrganisedSpeakerNo. of Participants
9th March, 2019Basics of PythonProf. Dhiraj Amin43
2nd March, 2019Workshop on Advanced Web DevelopmentMr. Akhil Menon46
2nd February, 2019Workshop on DBMS SQLProf. Smita Joshi40
4th October, 2018IEEE DayDr. Vinit Kotak
Mr. Ali Mustafa
Students and Faculty Members
1st September, 2018Workshop on Web DesigningMr. Chaitanya Pawar31
4th August, 2018Workshop on LABVIEWProf. Shridhar Deshmukh
Prof. Ameya Nijasure
28th July, 2018IV to BSNL Satellite Earth Station, Yeur35 Students and 2 Faculty

IEEE Events 2017-18

DateEvents OrganisedSpeakerNo. of Participants
7th April, 2018Workshop on Network ProtocolProf. Gaurav Sharma46
3rd February, 2018Workshop on PCB DesignMr. Mankame50
27th September, 2017Workshop on Raspberry PiMr. Kanad60
17th September, 2017Advanced Cloud Computing WorkshopProf. Gaurav Sharma54
5th August, 2017Basics of Cloud ComputingProf. Gaurav Sharma70

IEEE Events 2016-17

DateEvents OrganisedSpeakerNo. of Participants
1st April, 2017Skep SessionDr. Varsha Thakur30
Dr. Sourabh Mehta
Prof. Kiran Talele
21st March, 2017Workshop on Internet Protocol and Routing NetworkProf. Gaurav Sharma50
6th October, 2016Celebration of IEEE DayIEEE-PCEStaff and Students
26th September, 2016IOT WorkshopMr. Akhil Menon51
6th August, 2016MATLAB WorkshopDr. Satish Verma68

IEEE Events 2015-16

DateEvents OrganisedSpeakerNo. of Participants
23rd March, 2016Industrial Visit to JSW Steels Ltd.Staff and Students44
7th March, 2016Workshop on Advanced ArduinoMr. Jayesh Koli32
19th February, 2016Seminar on Technical Paper Presentation and Career GuidanceMr. Akhil Menon49
22nd January, 2016Seminar on EntrepreneurshipDr. Wilson Pinto35
6th October, 2015Celebration of IEEE DayIEEE-PIITStaff and Students
26th September, 2015Seminar
1. on Electronic WarfareProf. Aiyyapan Pillai40
2. Hilighting the Benefits of Becoming an IEEE Student MemberProf. Vinit Kotak

IEEE Events 2014-15

DateEvents OrganisedSpeakerNo. of Participants
27th August, 2014Seminar on Challenges and Opportunities for Engineers in INO ProjectsDr. B. Satyanarayan30
29th September, 2014Mr. Sanketkumar Biswas57
14th August, 2014Workshop on Augmented RealityMr. Akhil Menon120
26th March, 2015Industrial Visit to Deepak Fertilizers Ltd.51
28th March, 2015Network SecurityProf. Madhumita Chatterjee30