Ministry of Human Resource Development has conceptualized a National Education Alliance for Technologies (NEAT) as a Scheme for using technology to make learning more personalized and customized. NEAT would deliver Education Technology solutions directly to the students and educational institutions, through a National NEAT portal, giving learners a wide choice to select the technological solution that would suit their requirement, thereby, improving their overall learning outcomes. To give a visual identity to the Scheme, we are inviting entries for logo design, which may convey the purpose of NEAT. Theme for logo: Quality Education, Technology, Alliance, Adaptive learning, Artificial Intelligence. The Logo can be in full name format (National Educational Alliance for Technology) or abbreviation format (NEAT) or both.

Students can get more details and submission guidelines here by 25th October, 2019.
Submission Guidlines: view details (.pdf)

Interested students or faculty may also have their designs reviewed by Dr. Priam Pillai, COO, MES.