Student Funding Scheme

  1. Guidelines for Applying for Financial Support under “Student’s co-curricular Activities Scheme” – view details
  2. Application Form for Grant under “Student’s co-curricular Activities Scheme” – view details

Student Activities Fund

The institute has allotted Rs. 10,00,000 (Rs. 10 lakh) per academic year for students projects and activities. This fund can be distributed by a committee constituted by the Principal consisting of the principal, Dean R&D and HODs of the various departments. Student groups or individual students working under faculty can apply for funds through this scheme. The scheme is meant to support student groups or individual students participating in

  1. Off-campus competitions such as Smart India hackathon, Formula SAE etc. The limit for a single student is Rs. 10,000 and for a group of students is Rs. 1,50,000.
  2. Prize money for various college level competitions such as (B.E. project competition, Best PBL projects etc.).
  3. Seed money for initiating new student B.E. projects which have good potential for commercialization or for undergraduate research.


  1. Students can make an application through their faculty advisor to the committee.
  2. The application must involve details of the competitions, funds required, their utilization etc.
  3. The committee may ask for the student or students to give a presentation to the committee.
  4. The committee will consider the students academic, attendance and disciplinary record while deciding the amount of funding to be distributed.
  5. Once sanctioned all the expenses will be born through the college accounts department.

Merit Based Scholarships

Every year, PCE gives scholarships of upto Rs. 10,000 and awards on behalf of the Management to the toppers of each academic year.

First YearTop 20 students as per CGPI
Second Year and Third YearTop 3 students in each department as per CGPI
Final YearCollege and University toppers from each department as per CGPA

Outstanding Student Award

Students who have both excellent academic profile (as per the CGPA) along with good overall profile in extra curricular activities, social work and awareness and in the final year of studies are eligible for the Outstanding Student award.


  1. Registrar will announce a call for applications for the award at the end of each academic year.
  2. Final year students can make an application to the head of department.
  3. Head of the Department will shortlist upto 3 candidates and forward it to the student activities committee for evaluation.
  4. The committee will shortlist further and call the candidates for an interview.
  5. The committee will then select the winning candidate and will announce the winner.
  6. The student will receive the award along with a cash prize.

Other Scholarships

Every year the MES management and various other charitable organizations give prizes and scholarships to deserving students based on merit or to reduce economic hardship. Students are encouraged to apply to any charitable organizations including MES independently or through the college registrar.

Government Scholarships / Fee Reimbursements

Various students are eligible for government based scholarships such as scholarships for social welfare or EBC. These students should follow the scholarship guidelines and rules from the websites of the different government schemes.