Students are encouraged to also go for higher studies after completing their undergraduate degrees. Students can consider securing Masters and PhD courses in technical fields from Indian or Foreign Universities. For these students will need to take and secure a high score in various competitive exams such as GATE – (IITs and NITs), GRE and TOEFL – (Foreign Universities). Students can also consider business related master’s programs such as MMS or MBA for both Indian and Foreign Universities. In these cases, students need to secure a high score in MHCET, CMAT, GMAT and many others. These may be valid for both Indian and Foreign Universities.

Letters of Recommendation

Students can approach known faculty for letters of recommendation. Students must provide faculty members a minimum of 3 week’s notice before the letter of recommendation is due. The faculty will draft the letter and send a copy to the office so that the letter can be printed on the college letterhead by the engineering office and stamp with the college seal on it, these LOR’s are put in an envelope sealed and stamp by the college and signed by the respective professors. Charges for the LOR’s is Rupees 5/- (Five) per copy. The office should keep track of all letters issued. Faculty member are to follow up with students once they get admitted to higher education institute and forward that information to the office and training and
placement department.