Pillai student tops in University of Mumbai
Mr. Sayooj Rajendrakumar Pillai of Mechanical Engineering

It was a day of great joy and pride at Pillai Campus, Navi Mumbai, when the Merit list of Engineering students arrived in the campus from the University of Mumbai.

Dr. Manju Pillai and Prof. Nikam, incharge of the Examination dept, announced the merit list at the campus, with three of our students recording outstanding performance. Our Student from PCE, Mr. Sayooj Rajendrakumar Pillai, of Mechanical Engineering, from final year stood first in University of Mumbai’s Mechanical Department, with a score of 1232 out of 1500 (82.13%).

Mr. Saurabh Bhopi stood 6th in the University from Electronics dept. with a total of 1233 out of 1500 and Ms. Shweta Shettigar stood 13th in the University in the Electronics dept. with a grand total of 1229 out of 1500.

Mr. Sayooj Pillai was congratulated by the Secretary and CEO of Mahatma Education Society, Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai on his remarkable achievement in the University. He also has offered him a seat for post-graduate studies at PCE with 100% fee-waiver and teaching assistantship.

Dr. R. I. K. Moorthy, Principal of PCE was overwhelmed with this great achievement of the college and also appreciated the contribution made by the faculty who taught all our toppers throughout their four year degree program. He also mentioned that Sayooj is a very brilliant and hard working boy and he deserved this success.

Sayooj said “He himself could not believe this and also mentioned that in his success there is a great contribution and support of the teachers who taught him” and also placed on record the excellent teaching faculty at Pillai. The Management also congratulated Sayooj’s father, Mr. Rajendra Pillai and his mom Mrs. Radha Pillai for the great achievement of their son.